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You WILL qualify for assistance. No classes! The best of home buyer grants


All over Texas, Realtor Stuart Scholer is helping First Time Home Buyers make their first step into a New Construction Home. Texans can use these home buyer grants to pay closing costs when buying a house from a Builder.

Minimum 2.52% Outright Grant for First Time Home Buyers

Experience is Everything

Stuart gives his Buyer Clients 84% of all his commission in cash or as a Closing Cost Contribution.

You will have questions about at least SOME of the following: builders, builder contracts, negotiating, the construction process, inspections, your mortgage loan and/or the Lender, the closing and enduring it all to the end. So trust me to represent,guide and educate you. I'll make sure you feel confident and informed every step of the way.  You, the Buyer, (in conjunction with the Builder, the Lender and the Title Company) will be doing a lot of the work... it is not easy to build a home from the dirt up! But I will pay you a minimum of 2.52% of the purchase price for all your efforts and I guarantee you the extra cash will help to make it all very worthwhile.  

84% of All My Cash Commissions at Closing.


No other Realtor expresses their Rebate in writing as I do. If I receive a larger than 3% cash compensation from the Builder then YOU, the first time home buyer, will receive 84% of that "Bonus". There are no "limitations", "exceptions" or "restrictions"... nothing sneaky.   Please see the FAQ's button above.

Combines Well With Other Assistance Programs

Texas Realtor Give Back 84% of ALL His Commission?

My New Home Rebate is actually reduction of the cost of buying a house. It will not interfere with other Assistance Programs. It will enhance the purpose of such programs... it will help the first time home buyer or even downsizing buyers to make the move that they desire and/or need. In Texas, this is the easiest of all home buyer grants.

Stuart's 2.52% Texas First Time Buyer Assistance Program

How and Why Does a TEXAS First Time Home Buyer Get 2.52% Cash Back at Closing?


Stuart Scholer first started giving cash back to his first time home buyers in 2004 when a savvy friend of his called him and proposed that Stuart help him with the closing costs of his new construction home. All Stuart had to do was represent him as his Buyer Agent and give a 2% contribution towards his closing costs. His friend was using an FHA Loan so the contribution was permitted by the Lender and with the 2% Assistance he would be able to swing the deal . Stuart protested... "but then I will only make 1%!"  His savvy friend then said, "yeah but what will you have to do?"  "I already found the community, I found the Builder, I picked out the lot and floor plan... all you have to do is come and sign the Builder's Realtor Agreement for Compensation!"  Well... Stuart's friend's savvy started to rub off on Stuart!  After the closing and paying his Broker's $200 transaction fee Stuart made $720.  ( the house cost $92K ) He actually worked about 8 hours on the deal and had to drive about 130 miles total. Stuart related the deal to one of his fellow agents in his office. A little bit agitated, his fellow agent said, "I would NEVER do a deal for less than 3%... I work too hard for my commission!"  At first Stuart felt bad... like he had betrayed his fellow Realtors. But after a little reflection, Stuart said to himself... "I just got paid very well for my time... I can do this all day long and feel good about it".  Since then Stuart has increased his commission sharing to 2.52% and has helped hundreds of Texas Home Buyers lower the cost of home buying.

How Do I Get 2.52% Minimum Cash Back?


It is simple... BEFORE you sign a builder's contract,  Stuart Scholer MUST BE NAMED AS YOUR BUYER AGENT WITH THAT BUILDER. If you don't then Stuart will not be paid a commission and therefore will not be able to assist you, the first time home buyer, in the purchase of your New Construction Home!

TAR-1501 Buyer Representation Agreement


Please feel free to call me at 832-372-0434 or send me an e-mail and request a copy of my Texas Association of Realtors Residential Buyers Representation Agreement and accompanying docs (disclosures, info and notices) for your review. I will gladly answer any questions you may have or discuss any issues or concerns about anything in the docs.

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Information About Brokerage Services and Consumer Protection Notice.                        

Texas Law requires that all real estate license holders to give the following information about brokerage services to all prospective buyers, tenants, landlords and sellers. This notice will help you to understand how Agency Relationships affect you and other parties in a transaction.

Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice

Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services

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